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EMELCO TECHNICAL SERVICE Supply or design and install high quality temperature controlled cold & freezer rooms. We cater different requirements ranging from food storage and preparation of amenity blocks, laboratories and offices. We offer practical, efficient and cost effective solutions that are tailored to the needs of individual customers.

Through our Qualified, experienced engineers working for several years around the Middle East and instilled with impeccable skills, we are designing and scoping your project from simple Self Install Modular Box rooms to purpose built multi-chamber facilities incorporating chillers, freezers and production areas.

Our extensive knowledge in this industry, our friendly and efficient approach and our commitment to after-sales service by offering flexible and extended service and maintenance help us pride ourselves and achieve success in this field.


Commercial Cold Rooms

We are specialized in the design and construction of commercial cold room using modular assembly. Having worked within different sectors of the industry requiring cold storage facilities including food industry, pharmaceutical, public sector etc., we are known and recognized in the region for the quality and scale of cold rooms. We have been engaged in projects around Middle East including UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The high level of customer satisfaction and our dedication and commitment for the quality and service we provide has made it possible for our company to excel in our field.

Elegant and practical display for chilled products. Doors available in different widths and heights, reversible and self-closing. With Flexi Shelf, it provides an attractive and sales-promotional display.



Cold Room System

We are involved in the design, supply and installation of cold rooms for chillers and freezers which includes walk-in commercial cold rooms and warehouse cold storages. The classification of the cold room largely depends on the size and its use.

Walk in cold rooms are smaller in size and are used by supermarkets, retails and restaurants. Due to the smaller size of the room, the insulated floor is built to cater the use of hand cart and is not suitable for the large power equipments. The temperature of the cold room varies depending on the requirement and the type pf products utilized. Blast-chillers and blast freezers are used for quick freezing and chilling applications where temperature can be dropped as low as -40 degrees within few hours.

Warehouse cold stores are larger in size built to cover large stocks at the warehouse.

Different types of doors can be utilized for the cold rooms including sliding doors, swing doors, hinge doors, roll up doors etc, all depending on the ease and requirement.

Cold room can also be built on a mobile unit called Portable Skid Mountain Refrigerators and is used a mobile refrigeration system. They are used in applications that include high mobility including offshore applications. These units are built to the size of the container so that they can be easily moved from one place to another using trailer or container.




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