Commercial & Domestic Kitchens


Commercial Kitchens



Commercial kitchens integrate suitable equipment and cooking stations to operate. It is largely depend on the variety of cuisine offered by the restaurant, considering the philosophy and preparation techniques, will determine the focus and number of the stations present in commercial kitchen. The type of commercial equipment and appliances selected for the kitchen is also taken into a consideration. Furthermore, it used durable equipment specifically for large quantity of food production that incorporates safety features. At EMELCO, we will take time to make sure that your commercial kitchen will be efficiently used and allowing your staff to maximize the area. We perceive and cultivate new ideas based on your requirements and financial resources. We offer advised by giving all possible options, information you need to help you decide and make an informed choice. We take pride to our clients by delivering the commercial kitchen they want at the most affordable price. So whether it is a commercial kitchen or a single item, we apply the same level of service to every task.


What We Do:

  • Commercial cooking equipment repairs. The company offers service and parts for commercial cooking and other foodservice paraphernalia. We highly understand, that the business is depend on us to get the job done
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment repairs. We take part for the grow the of each company’s business, having maintenance and keeping up with  needed repairs will greatly increase the life span of any appliance, saving time, money and preventing negative effects on the environment.
  • Parts sales. We provide contract service, maintenance and parts of commercial kitchen.
  • Preventative maintenance programs. A maintenance program can help restaurant operators to maximize kitchen equipment efficiency and it is a cost effective solution to reduce the need for repairs.


What We Repair:

  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Electric and electronic cooking equipment
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment

We also service commercial dishwashers, coffee makers, ice makers, garbage disposal systems, water filtration systems, hot water boosters.


Equipment Supply

  • Commercial catering kitchen equipment
  • Commercial refrigeration and displays
  • Dishwashing equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Commercial barbeques


Design Services

  • Commercial kitchen design
  • Bar design
  • Drafting service
  • Project management
  • Complete fit-out


Stainless Steel

  • Exhaust canopies
  • Custom fabrication – commercial & domestic
  • Prefabricated benches, sink benches, dishwasher benches, door panels & drawers
  • Trolleys
  • Oven and equipment stands

Service & Spare Parts

  • Gas equipment
  • Electric equipment
  • Commercial Refrigeration - for most brands of equipment




Domestic Aluminium Kitchens

Domestic Aluminum Kitchen is in which all faces and surfaces are in sheer, absolutely stainless steel with a choice of extra solidity and soundproofing. The modern, clean lines and finishes combine pure functionality with a precision engineered feel of durability and cutting edge industrial styling. Our company, Emelco Technical Services together with Alwan Aluminum is shaped to meet the ever increasing demands by consulting and offering products based on customers’ needs in order to create the best quality products efficiently. Alwan Aluminum established in 1991, became one of the industry leaders in the market here in UAE. A well-known name in the business that has years of experience in developing, fabricating and installing aluminum and glass with the used of highly qualified and famous Aluminum Profiles System.

Alwan Aluminum has a variety of fabricated spectacular Aluminum and Glass Products and the following are some of them:

Aluminum Products:

  • Aluminum Doors
  • Aluminum Windows and Arches
  • Aluminum Curtain Wall
  • Aluminum Stair Cases
  • Aluminum Cupboards
  • Aluminum Fences
  • Aluminum Gates
  • Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet

Glass Products:

  • Stained Glass
  • Obscured Glass
  • Sun Plasted Glass
  • Various Reflected Colour Glasses
  • Mirrors in Different Colours


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